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4 Ways to Relieve Stress Outdoors

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Having a full and rich life is a goal each of us have. Stephanie Westlund, a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, found that getting into nature can provide peace and give us purpose. The study took soldiers with stress related injuries and provided alternative treatments such as; getting into nature, gardening, hiking and fishing, and building relationships with dogs and horses. This study showed that these kind of activities can not only enrich lives but can heal and provide relief for us.

I encourage you to get out into nature to find your peace and stress relief.

Here are 4 ways to find peace and purpose outdoors;

1. Fishing:

My husband and I love to fish. We love to find waaaay out of the way places and explore streams. There is something about tying a fly on a fly rod and casting it into a stream. The rhythm and movement of it all is peaceful and seems to center us. The smell and scenery is always beautiful. AJ and I are ‘catch and releasers’. Just spending time out by the water is enough.

2. Gardening:

Creating something for your family can bring joy and peace of mind. Reaping your own produce can bring self reliance which can give our lives purpose and peace. We especially love to do lawn work together.

3. Going on a walk:

Going on a walk can be refreshing and great for stress relief.

4. Hiking:

My husband loves to hike. With a high stress job it gives him a chance to”unplug” from the world. No more emails and work! Sorry there just isn’t any reception on top of the mountain. 😉

You don’t need to go into the wilderness to find peace in nature. What are your ways to connect to nature and unwind? Do you feel the same way about getting out in nature to release stress?

Let me know,