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Stressed Out at Work? For Good Reasons.

Stress at work is the number one stress reported. Stress can be a good thing in the realm that it can be an encourager to succeed, but chronic stress is detrimental. Stress at work can lead to many other problems. According to a 2004 lluminari landmark Study, they found that those who have work related…

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Reduce Financial Stress

  Financial stress can tear us apart. We stay up late worrying about it. Fight with our spouses to try to “solve” it. Beat our heads against the wall as we feel like we can’t escape, and literally we feel like we are drowning in our financial stress. Here are 10 things we can do…

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Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

CareerCast  has ranked the most and least stressful careers of 2015. According to Forbes  this list has been developed by 2 researchers from the University of Wisconsin since 1995. Working under the supervision of career book author Les Krantz, They have created a methodology of coming up with this list. They base their research off of 11 different stress factors.…

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7 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Pregnancy Naturally

Oh pregnancy. I have a love- hate relationship with pregnancy. My first pregnancy was fun, new things left and right, and with every new experience I found joy in it. Then my second pregnancy wasn’t as fun, and my third was not fun at all. It was more whomp whomp than anything. Every little thing…

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7 Ways to Feel Better

7 Ways to Feel Better  1. Do service: Service made the top of our list because losing yourself in the service of others is key to changing your prespective. Time and time again when I have felt my lowest, if I picked myself up and forgot about my troubles and focused on others, I was…

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5 ways to survive the grocery store with kids

I realized something today. Grocery shopping is the worst. Especially with children. This is one of the most anxiety ridden moments for a lot of people. A wonderful supermarket here called, “Fred Meyers” knew this and came up with a solution for all you parents out there with crazy children like me. They call it…

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Welcome to Peaceful Nutrition

Hey! We are so glad you’re here! We are excited to use this blog to help you conquer your anxiety and stress. It is our hope that we can give you tips and inspiration with lifestyle and supplements to help you on your journey to a better life.

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