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About Peaceful Nutrition

My name is Tessa.

I am the founder and president of Peaceful Nutrition.

My goal is to help those who are in need of controlling their anxiety through nutrition and lifestyle.

As a wife and mother of three, I encounter my family experiencing anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

It began with my daughter who experienced anxiety in school. She was in a constant state of unrest. Months and months of tears and panic attacks from school overtook her ability to live the life a child should live. She stopped eating, had difficulty sleeping, and no longer wanted to do the things she once loved.

What I thought was normal stress from school turned into something more. My daughter was suffering from severe anxiety. I talked to my family about what we were going through and discovered that many people close to me were experiencing the same thing for themselves. They described a process that always seemed to end with prescription medications as the final solution.

I was uncomfortable with my family taking powerful medications that can have numerous side effects. I knew there was a better way to approach it.

That is when I decided to become proactive about naturally overcoming anxiety. Through extensive research, we formulated Calmquil to naturally overcome the effects of stress and anxiety. I found that various plants, vitamins, and minerals can have an affect on our well-being and many of them can be as effective as prescription medications. As we changed our habits and nutrition, we began to see results evident in our daily lives.

From what I've learned and what I continue to learn about stress and anxiety I hope to help others regain control over their lives in a natural and sustainable way through good lifestyle habits, nutrition, and supplementation.