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7 Ways to Feel Better

7 Ways to Feel Better 


1. Do service:

Service made the top of our list because losing yourself in the service of others is key to changing your prespective. Time and time again when I have felt my lowest, if I picked myself up and forgot about my troubles and focused on others, I was able to pull myself out of hard times faster and feel better about myself in the end. By doing things for others you find self worth, make friends, and improve your community. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Bring plates of cookies to others including; the elderly, people you know (that are also having a hard time), and neighbors. Have a moment with them and just talk. Bring meals to those that are sick & helping a neighbor mow their lawn are all ways that are super simple but can bring great satisfaction to your life.

2. Compliment others:

Everyone you see and meet has something good about them! Every time you come in contact with someone, compliment them (a truly sincere compliment). It’s as easy as that. As you continue to do this you will always be searching for the good in others rather than the bad. It will make you feel better about small things and can add up BIG! The more we find the good in others – the more we will find the good in ourselves. It is true that we project the things we hate about ourselves onto others. This negatively can pull us down with it. This small advice to give compliments has truly changed my life. Remember- people don’t always remember what you say, but they DO remember how you make them feel. People rather be around individuals that make them feel better about themselves, how about you be that person? And in turn you will also feel better about yourself!

3. Get a good mattress: 

My older brother once gave me some great advice. We were debating about either getting a cheap mattress or splurging a little and getting a really nice one. We had come to the conclusion that the cheap one would be ok but maybe we can get a pad or something to throw on top. When my brother heard that he said immediately,” No, Tessa, don’t do that, you spend nearly half your life sleeping, and if you don’t get a good night sleep it affects every aspect of your life.” He was absolutely right. When you don’t get a good night’s rest not only will your day go a lot rougher than normal, but weight gain, heart disease, stress & mental health issues are just the tip of the iceberg for you. Get a good night sleep and you will feel better about EVERYTHING!

4. Exercise:

This is an obvious one. With exercise your health improves, your self image improves, and you create a routine that can be a great anxiety reliever. If you don’t particularly love exercise or are just getting started, get into it slow. Take a walk with a family member, play kick-ball, garden (yes gardening; pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc., can burn up to 400 calories per hour).

5. Make goals:

Making goals is a huge thing for a.) success in your life b.) your personal progress. By making goals and writing them done you turn “wishful thinking” into “this is gonna happen!” A study done by the Dominican university showed that those who wrote goals down accomplished significantly more than those that didn’t. It is because you create 2 things; accountability and commitment. Goals puts you in control of your future rather than being reactionary to life. It gives you direction so you don’t feel out of control. Goals put you into the driver’s seat of your life. My advice to you is to make small goals each day that you can accomplish. It gives you confidence and are stepping stones to your larger goals. An example of one goal of mine is to have a clean house (large goal) to achieve I have to make daily small goals of: day 1; laundry and kitchen, day 2: bedroom & toilets day 3: baseboards & floors, etc… and BAM clean house! Make large goals for your future, such as being financially independent. How do you accomplish such a lofty goal? Small goals everyday, that’s how! (BAM again!!!)
Here is the link to the study:

6. Read a book:

Read a good book. Read your scriptures or an inspirational book. Read an adventure story or a historical biography! Read something that you want to that is uplifting. It gives your mind and soul some serious activity. Your mind is moving and not stagnant- not sitting there worrying.

7. Go outside:

Vitamin d (also called the sunshine vitamin) is vital. Lack of vitamin d can be related to depression and mood. Get outside and get some sunshine. Enjoy the outdoors, a beautiful sunset, rustling leaves and sounds of the birds. Nature will help enrich your body and soul. When I think back to the most peaceful and revitalizing moments, it was just taking a walk with my parents as a child in the arboretum.

My deepest desire is to see you all through hard times. I hope this helps, please leave comments on what you think or what helps you to ‘feel better’.



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