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5 ways to survive the grocery store with kids

IMG_2309I realized something today. Grocery shopping is the worst. Especially with children. This is one of the most anxiety ridden moments for a lot of people. A wonderful supermarket here called, “Fred Meyers” knew this and came up with a solution for all you parents out there with crazy children like me. They call it playland! It is amazing; they allow children 2yrs. -preschool age to stay in a daycare while mom and dad have a peaceful shopping experience for an hour. But for all our us who don’t have this wonderful solution, I have a few suggestions that might help your dilemma.

So here are 5 ways to survive the grocery store with kids:

1. Bribing kids works so much. Free bakery cookies to Costco samples let kids have something in there mouths and hands to distract them from their true purpose; destroying everything in the store.

2. Involve them. I found the most delightful experiences I have had (with kids) is when I try to involve them and make it a learning experience. For my once 3 year old son, we would go around the store with our list and have him count all of our cans and put them in the cart. He would be attentive and engaged, rather than running around like a crazy chicken. Older kids love to read the labels and help with price comparing.

3. Make it a race. My little 1 1/2 year old loves a good time. When we try to go super fast and make it a game, “how fast can we do this?” he laughs and laughs! It might looks super silly to others shopping, while I am yelling,”let’s go warp speed!” but who cares what they think! Hehe.

4. Have them look at a book. As long as they don’t destroy it, I would head straight to the book aisle and grab a book for them to look at as you cruise the store. If they can deal with separation, even grab a little light up toy to carry around so they can be distracted.

5. Strap them in…tight! Yes it is important to strap them in. My baby strongly dislikes it… very strongly (his name is Atlas so he’s super strong, haha). But if you have a jumper be sure to strap in. Though at times let’s be real; it is an impossible mission to do so.

— also don’t be afraid if your little one is having a meltdown to leave your completely full cart in aisle 7. It will be taken care of. We have all been there.


Good Luck… you’ll need it